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Gardens of Maecenas Wikipedia

Nero went up to the top of the Palatine [or the palace], from where many of the burning areas were most widely visible, and putting on his citharode’s costume he sang ‘The Capture of Ilium’ — as he called it, but the capture of Rome as it was seen. This turris is clearly part of the palace itself, an extra storey added on the roof to exploit the view. That seems to imply a direct view.Footnote
But the idea that Maecenas built a conspicuous architectural feature in full view of the city seems to conflict with the whole purpose of his estate. The recent laying out of new quarters on the Esquiline, Viminal, and Quirinal Hills … has brought to light a large number of houses … Unhappily, in most cases the discovery of these most interesting remains has been immediately followed by their destruction, so that the transference of the capital of Italy has had, from an archaeological point of view, the most disastrous effects. He did not return to Rome until the fire was approaching the residence by which he had linked together the Palatine and the gardens of Maecenas. Prodigal in building above all, he constructed a residence that stretched from the Palatine to the Esquiline.

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  2. In 8 BCE, when the Maecenas died, the gardens fell into the hands of his friend Augustus, thus making them imperial estates.
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One of the virtues of Chrystina Häuber’s book is her use of the first Elegia in Maecenatem,Footnote
a poem by an unknown author supposedly delivered at Maecenas’ funeral in 8 bc. Recent scholarship regards it as a mere rhetorical exercise,Footnote
but there seems to be no compelling reason to doubt its authenticity; at the very least it is well informed about Maecenas’ life, and therefore usable as near-contemporary evidence. It looks as if the ancient commentators’ references to Maecenas were just bad guesswork; but they have been extraordinarily influential.

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His great wealth may have been partly inherited, but he owed his position and influence to Octavian, later the emperor Augustus. As a counselor he secured numerous advantages for his leader, further securing Octavian’s position as a power who is maecenas in Rome. Maecenas administered Rome and Italy while Octavian fought Pompeius, in 36, and Antony, in 31. Although holding no office or military command, he swiftly and secretly foiled a plot to kill Octavian on his return from the East.

We know that Maecenas’ horti were on the Esquiline;Footnote
what these two passages show is that they were on the southern part of it, the mons Oppius beyond the Golden House.Footnote
It seems inevitable that the find-spot of the Venus statue was part of Maecenas’ property. His prose works on various subjects – Prometheus, dialogues like Symposium (a banquet at which Virgil, Horace, and Messalla were present), De cultu suo (on his manner of life), and a poem In Octaviam (“Against Octavia”) of which the content is unclear – were ridiculed by Augustus, Seneca, and Quintilian for their strange style, the use of rare words and awkward transpositions. Maecenas also wrote literature himself in both prose and verse, which are now lost literary work. The some twenty fragments that remain show that he was less successful as an author than as a judge and patron of literature.

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37 (1990), 80–96
CrossRefGoogle Scholar, esp. 92 on horti, and ‘Horti and Hellenization’, in Cima and La Rocca, Horti Romani (above, n. 34), 1–12, esp. p. 5 on Pliny;
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Here were found the beautiful statue of Marsyas in Pavonazzo marble, the statue of the muse Erato, the statue of a dog from Egypt, a splendid statue of Demeter, etc. In addition, Lanciani pointed out ” several torsos of fauns and Venus, a flower vase worked in the form of a puteal and decorated with ivy and flowers; a broken altar (…), the lower part of a group of a hero and a draped woman; seven herms of Indian Bacchus, philosophers, athletes … “. Together with the sculptures there were also numerous mosaics, including those in opus vermiculatum mounted on tiles, to be used as central emblematic of precious floors.

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Though highly influential in the state, he held no title, nor did he wish to be a senator. From 43 on he helped Octavian (later Augustus) diplomatically and domestically, administering Rome and Italy while Octavian was fighting Pompeius in 36 and Mark Antony in 31. He is best remembered as the generous patron of such writers as Virgil, Horace, and Propertius; he used the work of such literati to glorify Augustus’s regime.


Aristonicus says that this Bathyllus, and Pylades, author of a treatise on dancing, put together the Italian dance out of the comic, called kordax, the tragic, called emmeleia, and the satyric, called sikinnis. Believe me, more masters have been eaten up by their slaves than by their dogs. If Actaeon had got in first and eaten his dogs before they ate him, he wouldn’t be rubbish for dancers in the theatre.

The so-called Auditorium of Maecenas

This is one of the seven hills of Rome, which originally served as a cemetery for the poor. However, in 38 BCE the Roman senate banned the cremation of corpses 3 km from the centre of Rome. This meant that the Maecenas decided to buy the land and – in the opinion of researchers – start construction in the 30s. Maecenas, Horatius’ patron, came from a wealthy equestrian family, but describing such background as kings (reges) sounds tasteless to me — but I may be missing a connotation of the word rex. I was unable to track his ancestry to great-great-great-grandparents, and I’m not sure Horatius could either. Especially since the expression is in plural (atavis regibus rather than atavo rege), I believe it refers to several ancestors in several generations.

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Those located higher up in brickwork were perhaps pertinent to a thermal baths of the third century. In the deeper layers were walls of opus reticulatum attributable to the era of Maecenas. Gaius Maecenas, (born c. 70—died 8 bc), Roman diplomat and literary patron.

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